Couples Counseling in Oklahoma

Christian Counseling that Connects You to the Heart of God.

With Christian Couples Counseling, Improving Communication in Your Relationship is Possible.

Here you go again.  Another conversation turned into an argument.  You wonder how long the silence will last this time.

Your relationship isn’t what it used to be.  You feel as though you’re kept at an arm’s length.

When you’re not walking on eggshells, then you’re dealing with the harsh words and walls.

You want to feel important in your relationship.  However, you feel frustrated and annoyed like you don’t matter.

You’re feeling like you can’t do anything right.

Let’s change that.

Oklahoma couples counseling can help improve communication and your relationship.

You’ve Tried Counseling

But it didn’t help resolve conflict.  Actually, it made things worse.

It felt like the therapist didn’t listen to each of you and took sides.

They were more concerned with refereeing.  Instead of teaching you tools to help you solve your problems.

I am so sorry you’ve had this experience.  It isn’t how couples counseling should be.

Friendship helps relationships
daniel edwards couples counseling in Oklahoma City

What if Couples Counseling Restores Hope in Your Relationship

I’ve helped couples learn to:

  • become partners in the relationship.
  • to let go of hurt, anger, and bitterness.
  • serve one another in a way that builds trust, security, and passion in your relationship.
  • resolve past hurts, so you can move forward in your relationship.

Let Me Help You Improve Your Relationship with Couples Counseling in Oklahoma

I counsel couples from a place of hope.

My goal for you is to see you actually enjoy your relationship.

To experience intimacy that not only sparks deep conversations but ignites a physical desire and passion for one another.

We’ll get there, I’ve traveled this road before.

You will learn tools that not only teach but improve your communications.

Both of you will learn and practice listening to understand each other instead of listening to respond.

You deserve to create the relationship you want.

I’m ready to help.

You don’t have to keep living in unfulfilling relationship. 

I can help you find joy and true fulfillment in your relationships.

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