My True Identity:  Reflection from the Father

This morning as I was reflecting on some events from the past week, I felt challenged.  This week a friend complimented me and spoke life into my life and situations.  I dismissed what he said under the guise of humility.  Honestly, I have done this more times in my life than I would like to admit.  I have a hard time seeing what others see in me.  As I was reminded of this, I thought about one of the many times I have gone on a diet trying to lose weight.  


It is interesting that when dieting or trying to become more healthy that I don’t always see the progress or results; however, others around me can and often tell me what they see.  Here is where my reflection gets interesting.  I have this thought that I spend too much time in front of the mirror.  I see myself looking into a full-length mirror, not in a narcissistic way, but focused only on seeing part of what the mirror reflects.  


My mind shifts onto a thought that I need to stop focusing on the reflection in the mirror and start focusing on my reflection in Christ.  I need to stop looking at the mirror’s reflection the one I created, and begin to see myself how Jesus sees me.


Have you ever had a friend (or maybe you were the friend to someone else) that was going through something and you saw the good in them?  You encouraged them and spoke into their life so they eventually stopped seeing themselves as they once did and began to see themselves as you do.  I think about how in marriages we often do this.  Maybe a wife thinks and feels like she is not a good mother, and the husband encourages her.  He reminds her of all that she does, and how much time, energy, and love she provides to their children.  He helps reorient her to the reality he sees, and away from the self-destructive voice inside her head. The more this occurs the less the wife will have these thoughts, and the more she will recognize and defend the intrusive thoughts.


This same thing happens when I begin to focus on the reflection from Jesus instead of man.  If I look in the mirror of man I see all of my flaws and imperfections.  However, when I look into the reflection of Jesus I begin to see who the Father made me to be, and what He wants to accomplish within me.  The longer I maintain my focus or orient towards Jesus’ reflection of me the more I become like the image I see in Him. 


I feel this is true for me, but maybe it’s for you as well.  We need to shatter the mirror, stop focusing on what we think we are, and begin to actually believe what the Father says about us.  How He sees us is more valuable and important than how we see ourselves.  Because when we see ourselves through His eyes and heart, we have the opportunity to become more like what He sees.  We break free of thoughts and feelings He doesn’t want us to have or live.


Freedom is available to you and me.  I would like to help you find the freedom that our loving Father wants to give you.  Begin by asking the Father “How do You see me”?  Write everything that comes to your mind, every picture you see in your imagination, thoughts you have, feelings in your heart, a song or part of a song you hear, and it might even be a memory of someone saying something to you.  Look at this list.  Ask a trusted friend or family member about what you wrote down.  Once you confirm that this is how the Father sees you, I want you to imagine yourself standing in front of that mirror looking at yourself.  In your mind take a hammer or anything you choose to destroy that mirror.  You have to shatter every piece of that mirror and replace it with the image the Father gave you.  Every time you have an image of yourself that doesn’t fit with what the Father gave you, take out your hammer and shatter that mirror as well.  Over time the more you practice this the easier it will become, and the less you will have to do this.


As a Christian counselor, I help people see and experience how the Father sees them.   If you would like more information or are looking for Christian Counseling that is Biblically based, aligns with your Christian values, and is Spirit-led I can help.  As a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, I help Christians develop healthy communication, create deeper connections, and grow in their faith.  To begin making the changes you desire, visit Daniel Edwards Counseling.  Let’s Connect!

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