Christian Counseling for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Christian Counseling that Connects You to the Heart of God.

Ministry Leaders Need Counseling Too

You’re constantly helping others, but never seem to have time for yourself.  And when you do it’s not enjoyable.

It’s getting tougher to balance all of your responsibilities.

You feel like you’re just trying to keep all the plates spinning without dropping them.

The constant pulling in all directions leaves you asking questions you don’t want to be asking.

It might be ok now, but you worry that you’re heading for Ministry Burnout.


You’re Not Alone, Ministry Burnout is Real

You’ve heard the stories.  And even know a few pastors or ministry leaders who just quit the ministry.

You know and relate to the burden they’ve carried.  Just like them, you’ve been so busy.

You hope and pray it doesn’t happen to you.

But you’re worried that in your busyness you will let your guard down and you too might stumble.

The symptoms of ministry burnout are clear in others.

You find it difficult to see that you’re having those same symptoms.

Here is What Ministry Burnout Looks Like:

  • Exhaustion and fatigue.
  • Reduced empathy or difficulty showing empathy.
  • Seeing all of the things wrong, but not being able to clearly see the blessings around you.
  • An emptiness that prevents you from accepting recognition.
unhappy couple in need of couples counseling
  • No pleasure in accolades and rewards.
  • Not feeling as productive as you once were.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Conflict in personal relationships (most often our spouse or significant other takes the brunt of it).

Left untreated these symptoms can be dangerous to you, your family, your ministry, and your calling.

Avoid Another Ministry Trauma

Untreated ministry wounds and trauma not only affect you but affects all the relationships around you.

It’s more difficult to extend grace, compassion, and even hope to others.  When on the inside it’s all you can do not to burst.

In the past, you’ve isolated yourself to work through your “issues.”

You’ve thought to yourself I have to isolate myself to protect those around me.



However, once you’re isolated the enemy launches an all-out covert assault designed to take you out.

Leaving you blaming your ministry and God for the pain you’re experiencing.

This time can be different!!

I’m Daniel Edwards.  I Help Pastors and Ministry Leaders.

Whether you’ve been in ministry for years or just a short time, you know how tough it can be walking in your calling.

Hearts can be wounded, isolation can happen, mistakes can be made, and it’s easy to come to a place of needing restoration…  or simply walking away.


I want to come along and help you, just as you’ve helped your flock so many times.

Together, we will create a tailor-made plan to walk you through healing and restoration.

We’ll define what it looks like, and create a manageable timetable for the restoration and healing process.

You can recover, change, and heal from your current circumstances.  Knowing what you’ve shared is carried to the grave.

As you work through the process you’ll learn tools to better help your flock and those you serve.

You can experience restoration and revival that overflows into all aspects of your life.

Let’s get started.  Schedule your free 30-minute consultation and experience healing from the Father.

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