I want to give you a game-changing exercise to help you take control of your mind.  I’ve seen this work with anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, and even those pesky voices in our heads.

There is a little bit of a build-up for this exercise but bear with me.  If I were to say to you we are going to have dinner at a fancy restaurant, what comes to mind?  

So just saying those words or asking that question a picture comes to mind.  Sometimes we have a specific restaurant, sometimes we think of how we’re dressing, or those kinds of things right?  Ok, so keeping this in mind we have to do something to help activate this exercise.  

Here is what we are going to use to activate this exercise.  I want you to say out loud: “Jesus, You’re my Home Run hitter.”  Now, what do you see when you say that?  Most people that I have used this with have some kind of picture that references baseball for one, but some have images of Jesus running around the bases, some have Jesus going up to bat.  I automatically think about baseball and see Jesus is at-bat.

We are going to go with Jesus is at-bat and we are the pitcher.  So I want you to take the pitcher’s mound.  I think it’s pretty safe to say we all hold onto thoughts, feelings, or things going on that we’re not supposed to. Maybe we are supposed to take it to the cross and get rid of it. Or maybe it’s a thought we’re not supposed to hold onto anymore.  Most people at one point or another in their life can relate to feeling like they are not good enough.  So we can start with that.

As you take the pitcher’s mound, you look up in the sky and you see this white cloud and it says “Your not good enough”.  Do you see it?  

Now what I want you to do is to take your hands and I want you to squish that cloud into a ball (baseball or softball it doesn’t matter).  

Now I want you to pitch the ball.

What happens next?  Where is the ball?  When I do this exercise myself and with others, most report some form of “He hits it out of the park” or “the ball explodes”.  The problem is knocked out of the park. It’s gone. A home run.  

My question is,  do you still have the problem?

When you do this exercise you may find from time to time the problem doesn’t go completely away.  Try the exercise again.  You may notice that some problems take more times to run through this visualization exercise than others.  My expectation for you is to notice symptom reduction, the release of stress, or like a weight or burden lifted from you after doing this exercise.

Try this out and let me know how it works for you in the comments below.  I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me and others I work with.

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