5 Common Myths About Marriage Counseling

5 Common Myths About Marriage Counseling

When relationship problems occur, it can feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is unreachable. Many couples consider counseling, but they’re plagued by one question — Does marriage counseling really work?

The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists found that 97% of couples felt they found the help they needed. Even better, 93% of them felt they had the tools to solve future problems. The numbers speak for themselves.

Like any commitment, counseling takes time and effort, but maybe not as much as you’d expect. To bust the 5 biggest myths holding you back from your first appointment check out the information below.

1. It Will Fix Everything

It’s common for people new to therapy to have unrealistic expectations. These expectations are often shaped by what they see in movies or on TV.

Unfortunately, therapists don’t have all the answers and they won’t tell you exactly what to do. Those in counseling have to be active in their own healing.

This means the therapist may share better communication and conflict resolution strategies, but it’s up to the couple to use them diligently. If they don’t practice them outside of the office, the counseling simply can’t be effective.

2. It’s for Doomed Relationships

All types of therapy still carry some social stigma, even marriage counseling. Don’t let this hamper you from getting the help you deserve.

Despite what others may think, couples counseling is not solely for failing marriages heading for divorce. It’s also not for those crazy couples with toxic issues. It can be a great benefit to average couples with mundane problems.

Couples in counseling are brave enough to learn, grow, and seize their own happiness.

3. It Takes Too Long

Some people assume therapy takes years to be effective. In fact, just a few sessions can provide patients with the tools they need to reap immediate benefits.

As long as the couple finds places in their life to implement these tools, they can experience change. It requires compromise and commitment to work.

4. There’s No Point

Even if it seems like the end, it’s not too late for therapy. A professional can help individuals and couples navigate anger, bitterness, depression, anxiety, or resentment in a healthy way.

The most important part is to be open and honest with yourself. Therapy is not designed to assign guilt and blame.

5. It’s Too Expensive

There are many therapists out there willing to work with couples. Some even have a sliding scale based on income. With a little research, it’s not hard to find a therapist that will consider your budget.

More on Marriage Counseling

Sadly, marriage counseling is not a miracle cure. However, it isn’t as expensive or time-consuming as many people believe. If couples are willing to put in the work, they can develop new relationship skills that can even extend beyond their marriage.

If you want to learn more about couples counseling, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.


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