3 Signs It Is Time to Go See a Marriage Counselor

No one ever said marriage was perfect, and yet, many once-happy couples are surprised when their relationship begins to hit some major speedbumps.
There are a lot of different reasons why a couple may need to work with a marriage counselor. Sometimes, the telltale signs aren’t what you expected.
How do you if your marriage needs a little third party help? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

1. The Amount You Fight

How often do you and your spouse argue?
Two people who share a life together are bound to get into a fight every now and again, of course. You can’t see eye-to-eye on everything, and in a way, fighting can be a healthy way to express your opinions to your spouse.
However, if every single thing becomes a fight between you and your partner, it might mean that there are some deeper problems that need solving. You might have become locked into a pattern of behavior where you see your spouse as more of an adversary than you do a partner.
When you hit this situation, it’s important to step back, evaluate, and try to seek some help from the outside world.
This also goes for couples who don’t fight at all. If you never, ever fight with your partner, it’s actually a sign that things might be bad. Couples who never ever fight have a much higher likelihood of just being checked out of their relationship.
Apathy in a relationship is a true poison, and it’s important to talk with a counselor about such feelings if they arise.

2. Issues in the Bedroom

All couples go through occasional dry spells in the bedroom. However, if a lack of sex is a consistent element of your relationship, it might spell trouble. After all, intimacy is an important aspect of any functioning relationship.
A lack of sexual chemistry is another indicator that you may be feeling apathetic about your relationship. Pushing to find interest in one another again can be essential but difficult.
A marriage counselor or sex therapist can help get things back on the right track.

3. If Counseling Has Been On Your Mind

The fact of the matter is if you’ve been thinking about the need for couples counseling, you probably need it.
Most couples end up in counseling far after the point in which they realized that the relationship might be in trouble. If you’re already noticing the signs of deterioration in your relationship, or if you’re aware you could be better at communicating with your spouse, it’s likely that counseling is a good idea.
It can be difficult to take this step and accept that you and your partner need help. However, it can be the right decision to make at the end of the day.

Is it Time to See a Marriage Counselor?

All relationships run into trouble, so it’s hard to know for sure when the right time to see a marriage counselor is. If you’ve experienced any of the above, the time might be now.
Have more questions about counseling? Give me a call anytime for assistance.


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