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Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling That Works

You want couples that works, to be able to talk to one another without ending up in an argument.  Instead, you spend your days:

  • Feeling like you are always walking on eggshells.
  • Frustrated and annoyed because you don’t feel like you matter.
  • Hurting because you love your significant other so much, but feel as though the relationship is failing.

Hi, I’m Daniel Edwards, and I can help.

I am an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist who provides support for couples inside and outside of therapy, helping them achieve their goals and find fulfillment in their relationship.

I provide Couples Counseling using practical skills that establish trust, respect, kindness, and affection as the foundation of the relationship.

My clients walk away from therapy feeling excited about what the future has in-store.  They have a relationship that is built on friendship where they enjoy each other’s company and are able to work together as a team instead of being at odds with one another.


My Counseling Specialties:

happy couple in love
Couples Therapy

Learn the tools you need to resolve past hurts and feel cherished and loved beyond words.

therapy for men
Man Therapy

Learning how to work on your relationship, pick yourself up, and begin to live again with the help of a trained therapist you can trust.

family counseling with teens after family counseling
Family Counseling with Tweens & Teens

Learning new things about one another that you never knew and creating more understanding and grace, so you no longer have to fear that you messed things up as a parent.

Commonly Asked Questions

What types of couples do you work with?

Typically, couples come to me for help in their relationship, wanting to communicate with one another, and change the way their relationship works.  You realize that if things do not change in the next 3-6 months you will either be in a similar situation you currently find yourself in (feeling stuck, and unhappy) or foresee the path for your marriage ultimately coming to an end.

What happens to couples that decide they want to work with you?

When you first partner with me in helping your relationship I collect some initial information (names, email addresses, and phone numbers) for each person.  Then I send an email that has a link to my secure client portal. Within the client portal, you will read and sign all of the required consent documents as well as questionnaires to help me identify current issues within your relationship.  This also allows me to create a preliminary plan (or a roadmap for counseling) that we then discuss together in the first session.

How do I know if Couples Counseling will work for me?

Couples Counseling will work for you if you and your spouse are open and able to work on your relationship.  This does not mean that things will always be comfortable or enjoyable. On the contrary, at times Couples Counseling can be painful (just as healing a broken bone is painful at times).  I am willing to come alongside you and your spouse to help you change your relationship just as your vows stated: “for better or worse”.

What happens to couples that decide they want to work with you?

The initial session often focuses on how you met, fell in love, what draws each of you to the other, and then discusses what lead you to your current situation.  Before the session is over you learn a technique (that I have used with most of my couples) to help begin building a new foundation for their relationship. This technique is then assigned as daily homework until the next session.  You attend weekly sessions (this is determined on a case by case basis). Typically around session 4-6 something happens with the couple.  


The couple usually will come into the session and I can tell something is off.  That session is spent digging into what has gone wrong, what attempts you made at correcting the problem and finding a new way to handle things when they don’t go how you want them too.  Often, this session is where revelation happens (it is like a light bulb comes on) and the couple picks up steam and really begins to make progress within their relationship.


Shortly thereafter, couples graduate to bi-weekly sessions.  This allows you more time in-between counseling sessions to work through the issues on your own.  If things continue to go good then you soon graduate to monthly sessions and then graduation from services altogether.  Even in the in-between time if you need some extra help I make myself available via phone or text so that you are never left feeling alone.

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